Flavourful Encounters and Inspirations: KOPKOPI at Kolonia Artystów

With great passion and enduring curiosity, we travel to our friends in the coffee industry, fascinated by their unique personalities and the extraordinary spaces they have created. We want to share these discoveries with you, inspiring you to explore new, exceptional coffee spots.

Our latest journey took us to Sylwester, the owner of Kolonia Artystów.

Who are you, Sylwester, and what do you do?

“I am a person who is passionate about distributing emotions through everyday experiences” – says Sylwester.

Why did you choose our coffee for your café?

“I chose our coffee for its unforgettable, addictive taste and aroma. It is like a link between our personalities.”

What do guests most appreciate about Kolonia Artystów?

“Our guests are unique individuals, sensitive to the art and architecture of our space. They appreciate the colonial atmosphere, the abundance of light, and the tranquillity.”

During a visit to Kolonia Artystów, surrounded by art, music, and culture, you can taste our selected coffees: Indonesian Tuang and Val & Moris, as well as the delicate Peruvian decaf.

If you plan an evening visit, we recommend trying the decaffeinated iced pour-over or aperola, and also visiting the Black Room where you can undergo sensory deprivation.

We encourage you to follow the Instagram profile @kolonia.artystow for the latest event schedules.

We warmly invite you to visit the KOPKOPI store, where you will find the coffees we serve at Kolonia Artystów and many other flavours to discover!

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