The Miravet Cup

Only 22 left in stock

Only 22 left in stock


Weight0.220 kg

Red Clay


Ceràmiques Ferran


200 ML

Production Location

Tarragona, Spain



About this PRODUCT

Discover the extraordinary beauty and minimalist elegance of our handmade coffee cups – the Miravet Mugs. Crafted in collaboration with Ferran Vives, a seasoned artisan in the realm of pottery, these unique mugs embody the rich heritage of ceramic craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation.


With a legacy spanning 34 years, Ferran Segarra and Vives have been instrumental in establishing Ceramiques Ferran. This family-owned pottery business in Miravet, a historic village in the Terres de l’Ebre region, is renowned for its artisanal handmade coffee cups and other pottery pieces. This quaint village, with its iconic Templar castle and the renowned potters’ district – “Raval de Canterers”, has a deeply rooted artistic tradition influenced by the Iberians, Romans, and Moors.


Ferran Segarra, with a keen focus on preserving traditional Miravet pottery, has dedicated himself to crafting handmade coffee cups and other ceramic vessels like faïence containers, pitchers, oil measures, and terracotta cooking vessels. His private museum, a testament to his dedication, houses a collection of over a thousand historic ceramic pieces, providing a unique experience to the public on request.


Designed with a discerning coffee lover in mind, the Miravet Mugs are the perfect companion for both a robust doppio and a delicate pour-over. These handmade coffee cups feature a striking asymmetric design, reminiscent of the art of Jackson Pollock or Christopher Wool. Topped with a clear glaze, they create a barrier between the coffee and clay, enhancing the beverage’s clarity.

Each of these handmade coffee cups boasts a harmonious balance, offering a comfortable grip that even petite hands will appreciate. With only 28 mugs in existence, each cup provides a unique experience to its owner.


Here are some key points to remember about our handmade coffee cups:

  • These mugs are entirely handcrafted. There might be slight variations from the photos due to the manual process involved, resulting in unique textures and colors.
  • The shade of each mug varies from pure white to a slightly tanned beige, emphasizing their handmade nature.
  • To preserve the quality of these handmade coffee cups, we recommend hand washing and avoiding microwave use. Please handle with care.


Note that due to their unique craftsmanship and manual handling, we do not accept returns caused by misuse or improper care. Explore the remarkable artistry of our limited-edition handmade coffee cups – the Miravet Mugs.

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